March 2023!

Hello everyone, and thank you for tuning into my blog for another ministry update! Truly, it's so encouraging to me to hear that so many of you read these, and I love getting to reflect on the past month. There's a lot to praise God for, so let's dive in!

This months blog is going to look a little different. Our students had Spring Break and Mid-Terms, so there weren't a ton of new events we put on as a ministry: apart from our weekly Bible studies and fellowship groups. At the end of this, I will have some pictures of me spending time with our students and doing outreach on campus, but it's all good things to share ministry wise! I know I asked you all to be praying for my small group, that these girls grow closer in friendship with one another. God is really answering that prayer! These past 3 or 4 weeks have been a complete turn around. They are sharing more, talking with one another about the questions that Zoe and I ask, and they're asking their own questions too! I consider each of these girls to be a good friend of mine, and now I'm starting to see them become better friends with each other. Thank you for your prayers!

One thing that Focus put on as a campus-wide event (so all 13 campuses showed up) was our once-a-semester Pizza Theology. Pizza Theo is a 5 hour event (Theology with a pizza break) of taking a deeper dive into the theology of any given topic. We very much believe that it is easy to have a VeggieTale understanding of scripture, and we want our students to be better equipped. They're getting a college education in their major, so why can't they also have one for their faith? This semester, the topic was over the Wisdom Literature of Scripture. That covers Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Job. These three books can be difficult to understand, so we felt like it would be relevant and lifegiving to have campus-wide sermons over them. 
I want to offer you all the chance to hear this Pizza Theo, because I felt like it was so impactful for our students and staff alike. It's 4 hours of listening in total, so you could listen while you drive, gather the family around for an hour for the week, or have a listening party with friends. Don't forget to bring Pizza to it too! I hope you enjoy!

Link for all our Pizza Theo Topics
Introduction and Proverbs
Wisdom for Today and Conclusion

And here are all the photos you've been waiting for!

Prayer Requests:
  • It's that point in the year where our students start to lose their momentum. I was the same way as a student, and maybe you remember those days as well. Could you be praying that our students continue to finish well and be on fire for Jesus? Being a disciple doesn't have an off season, but it can feel like it when school does. I am continuing to pray that they love their peers well, choose what's best, and look like Jesus to one another. 
  • By this point, hopefully you were able to read my last email and hear that I will not be staying on with Focus this upcoming year. My last day is not until the end of May, and I am currently job hunting while stuff putting my all into these last 2 month of working in this ministry. Prayers that I continue to trust God as go into interviews and am able to find a job by the time my commitment to Focus is over. I find myself getting nervous and doubtful, but I know that God is good all the same.
  • I will be giving a sermon on the book of Esther in the coming weeks, and I've really enjoyed the prep work for it. I still haven't decided which direction to take it though, so please be praying for clarity and thoughtfulness for what our students need to hear from this message. This is a book that means a lot to me, and I want them to hear what God wants them to hear. 


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