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My last few weeks in college ministry

  This entire year just flew by! Who let that happen?! Well, it's been a hoot and a half, and I have been blessed beyond measure to have worked in this ministry. My last day with Focus is this upcoming Wednesday, and then after that... well, I'm still praying and looking for jobs!  There have been so many things happening these last few weeks. This is the time for the End-of-Year parties, graduations, student leadership training trips, and finishing well. Our students from all the campuses got to attend a theological lecture on Wisdom Literature (Job, Ecclesiastes, and Proverbs).  I also got to share a sermon with the UTA students on the book of Esther! It's 35 minutes, and you can listen to that here if you would like: A ton of this month has been saying good-bye, training our students to be leaders on our campuses, and finishing well. I've worked on writing out how I did my assigned projects

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