February Ministry Recap!

 Hey hey! Happy March everyone! So much happened in February, and there a lot of important updates I need to share with all of you. So the big stuff will be in the beginning, then I'll give a big photo dump of February that shows a lot of how ministry went, and then prayer requests at the end. Sound good? Let's go!

  • If you haven't heard yet, the Department of Education is planning to remove language from a regulation that explicitly protects religious student organizations like FOCUS on higher education campuses. What can you do about it? The public has until March 24th to make any comments regarding this proposed amendment. I encourage you to leave a comment through my blog using this link: https://anyfocus.org/campusaccess/. This page will have some additional links to help you understand what is going on and how to help!
  • As some of you already know, I will not be renewing my commitment to working for F.O.C.U.S starting June 1st. I have been so incredibly impacted by this ministry, and I believe God is calling me to go in a different direction once this school year comes to a close. 
    • What does this mean for you??
      • Nothing needs to change until May 31! I am very much still on staff with this ministry until May 31.
      • 1) Starting on June 1st, you can choose to stop giving to this ministry all together. Thank you for your investment this past year!
      • 2) You can transition your support to another Campus Missionary at UT Arlington. Personally, I would strongly suggest this route:) If you've been encouraged at all by this kind of college ministry, please know that there is still work to be done. I couldn't recommend my colleagues more. Two incredible women come to mind, Bailey Crawford and Sophie Willis. I have worked alongside them for these past two years, and both are incredible witnesses to our community. Both of these women have had difficulty having people in their lives who will join their support team. I know it would be the biggest blessing if you would consider transitioning your support to either of these women. I am more than happy to share more information on what this would look like, and both of these women would be more than happy to meet you personally and share their story with you and why college ministry is their calling. 
      • I will be following up with each of you closer to May to see what you would like to do with your giving. Again, I am very motivated to finish this year strong, and I am glad to know I have your support through it all
    • If you would like to email my any further questions about my reasons for leaving, who Bailey and Sophie are, or anything else, please feel free to!

We had a Galentine's Core and talked through what 
perfect love actually is (AKA: Sacrificial, Godly love)

My friends threw a Valentine's party, and this is me 
with my friend and Co-Fa, Zoe! Don't let her fool 
you with her initially quiet personally. This 
girl will fight you in the card game called Nertz.

We had an outdoor Worship and Outreach event,
and here are a lot of our students who showed up
and worshipped together on the UT Arlington 
Campus! Lots of people stopped by and even a 
few joined us!

Every year FOCUS puts on what we call "Open House." 
This  is where students invite family and friends 
to come and see what this ministry is all about. 
We had a packed room, and there was so much good 
news being shared about what parents have seen
 God doing in their child's life. It was incredibly encouraging.

Just some fun photos of my friend Sam, me, and Bailey!
(This is the same Bailey who I work and live with who needs
help fundraising this upcoming year)


Prayer Requests
  • Could you be praying for all the things wrapped up in my leaving this ministry?
    • Deciding what you would like to do with your giving come June
    • Finishing strong
    • Applying for jobs
  • I have been talking about forgiveness with a lot of students recently (whether receiving or giving it), and I'm seeing more and more how difficult it is for people to be quick to forgive one another. Would you pray that as these conversations happen, everyone involved has an open and soft heart to look like Jesus to one another. I think this is a big area that many people struggle with (not just people in F.O.C.U.S.), and I really believe that we need to be people who pray for those who are hard to forgive and pray for those who need to forgive yet choose not to. 
  • Praise Report! I've seen people go through some really difficult life circumstances recently, yet they chose to stand firm in Christ. In so many areas, the conversation that God is in control no matter the situation has spread like wildfire. That's so so encouraging! 
With Love,



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