What Went Down in November

Hello hello!

November was a calm yet so fun and needed month! I got to spend a ton of time with girls in Focus that I hadn't spent much time with yet. Thanksgiving break was a sweet time to rest up, and I came back to campus feeling refreshed and ready to keep discipling these gals. 

Something my boss encouraged me to do recently was to make a goal to get time with every new (and not new) girl in our ministry. Most of our ministry is comprised of women, and we want each of them to be seen and cared for. With this new goal, I've gotten to have such interesting conversations and encouraging talks about their walk with God- while also getting to hear about their passions. Pro Tip: one of my new favorite questions to ask someone is "What's been something that you've been thinking about a lot lately?" Getting to really understand who these women are and what they value has increased so much by asking that one simple question. Feel free to steal that one from me😉


These next few photos are of some of the awesome people in our ministry! (in order: Helen, Anna, Bella, and me)

Also, please be proud of me. This is the first time I've been able to figure out how to put 2 photos side-by-side. It's taken me a year and a half because I'm too stubborn to just google a tutorial. So maybe don't be proud of my stubbornness. 


Another AWESOME thing that happened was Keep FOCUS Growing (KFG). Our students across all campuses gave over $8,000 and UTA was a big contributor of that. Obviously, I know it's not about the numbers, but our students have struggled with generosity in the past. We addressed that in a pastoral way, and I really think the Holy Spirit spoke to each of them.  God has been so generous to each of us, and who are we to not be just as generous in response?

On a grand scale, we reached our goal for KFG on Giving Tuesday, and I think that's just another example of how much God provides for us and is a fan of what is being done here. Thank you to each of you who personally gave and to you who prayed for God's provision. Prayer is so powerful, and y'all really showed up. So thank you!

And this was just in matching funds! If you ever have a question about where/what this money goes towards, feel free to reach out. I'm happy to share that with you. 


Here's a photo of my core! From left to right: Kate, Matilda, Blessing, Kayla, Zoe, Sarah, Emily (me). Would you pray that these girls continue to draw these girls closer to each other while they grow closer to God? That's my main prayer for them, and God has already done so much in these past few weeks. 

As always, y'all are rockstars. I'm always encouraged each time I get to hear from you, and I continue to pray for you. Thank you for all you do, and I hope you're having a great Christmas season!

With Joy and Peace,



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