Ministry in October!

 There were so many things to do in October! I don't know about you, but I went to more Halloween parties this year than I think I've ever been to before. All of them were in the heart of wanting to dress up, eat some good food, and spend time with friends, and I feel as though I got to spend so much time with lots of people because of it. 

My roommate Bailey and I dressed up as fairies for our small group's Halloween party

Here's a photo of the girls from my core last year all together again. I love them so much. In this photo there is Laurel, Success, me, Laura, Zoe, Anna, Sonnie, and Lindsay

Last month I asked for prayer about the girls in my core. At the beginning of the semester, Zoe and I had 12 consistent gals coming around, and now we have 3. I think it's easy to feel discouraged by that, but I really love these 3 girls, and I definitely try to keep in touch with the others too. The reality is that this is just how it goes sometimes.

I've been praying that the girls in my core open up more with one another, and I really think that God is answering. Our core merged with two others one night, and I think it was really good for my girls to be around other women in the ministry and see others share more and be more vulnerable. Since then, I seen a shift in core where they're talking more and opening up. Here's some photos!

Here's Kayla, Kate, and I carving pumpkins together!

This is from our joint core. It was so warm in there with so many people😅

Something that's also been neat has been getting creative with how I do outreach on campus. At this time of the year, it can be a bit more difficult to meet students, so we gotta get creative. At one point, Bailey and I made signs and asked if we could pray for people. It was a pretty good turnout and we got to pray for students struggling with exams, depression, and loneliness. 
Our staff also did an outreach event that was "spooky" themed. My friend Austin dressed up as a zombie and Graham built a coffin. I painted signs that said, "Do people stay dead?" It was in light of Halloween, sure; however, I got to have a lot of conversations with people about what happens after death. I got to share about how I believe that Jesus was raised back to life in a perfect body and that He promises that for all who believe in Him too. Surprisingly, a lot of people have never thought about life after death, and I'm meeting up with a girl soon who is Muslim, and we're going to talk about our different beliefs. CRAZYYY

Bailey and I praying for students on campus

Our "Spooky" outreach! It was probably one of the most successful ones we've had yet

That's all for now folks! Thanks again for tuning in for the Ministry in Arlington with Emily Show! Haha, you're all awesome, and I'm praying for each of you. 

With Love, Emily


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