June (and some of July) 2022!


Hey guys! Thanks so much for being patient with me as I get this blog out. I hope each of you are having a great break, and if you're working, then I hope you're getting some purposeful rest. 

For me, this has been such a nice summer. College ministry looks a little different because so many students went home for the break, but that doesn't mean I stop working. I get to met up with friends who are still in town and do a ton of fundraising. Here's a snapshot of how things have been going!

Two of my friends, Orion and Connor, got married! It was so fun getting to celebrate the start of their marriage with them. Summer is wedding season, so you'll probably see a lot more wedding photos in my next blog. 

Orion and I became friends in our freshman year of college, and we even got to live together two years ago. If you want to meet a fun, goofy, Jesus-loving, reptile owner, then be friends with her. She's great. 

I've also been fundraising a ton, and God has been so so good. At this point, I'm about 83% to my goal, and I still have about a month left to reach that goal. I know I've talked with most of you about what it looks like to work in ministry and what your role in it can look like. I don't think I could ever stop being so grateful for your generosity towards me. Even during this summer, I've been able to disciple a friend of mine, Laura, and she has been so eager to dive deeper into God's word. She keeps saying that no one has ever asked her such thought-provoking questions before, and I see her leaning into God's Word. I've been encouraged by her, and I love knowing that she's going to meet some girls this coming up year who she can show Jesus to. That's what we do here: Make disciples who make disciples

Slowing down:

Working a full-time job during the summer is a first for me, but I've been able to rest and spend time with a lot of you who support me and students. It really has been a refreshing pace after the craziness of the apprenticeship, though I wouldn't trade that for the world. At this point, I'm very excited for this next school year to start and to meet new students, and students who aren't new to college but who are to God. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Please be praying for all of our staff as we continue to fundraise. For continued hope and excitement to share with people about what God has been doing here. 
  • Prayers for everyone transitioning: moving, marriage, high school to college, college to the work force, etc. 
  • Prayers for everyone we get to meet this coming up year and that they see Jesus in us
My prayers for you:
I know each of you are in different areas of life right now, so my prayers are more individualized; however, here is what I pray for each of you as a whole

  • I pray that God blesses you. His blessings don't/won't look like how we would expect it to be, but I do pray that He shows you His love for you
  • I pray for your homes lives. That conflicts be resolved and that there is harmony when you walk in the door. 
  • I pray for your heart towards everyone you meet. That you show them the same kindness and generosity you have shown me. 

Your best in mind,


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